ConversioBot Review: How does this work? Should I buy it?

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Are you worried about your slow progress on online platforms?

Is your site progress sluggish, taking months to get the leads? Do not worry, now that ConversioBot is there to solve your problem. The AI-powered Chatbot is an excellent option to shoot up your sales and shimmer your subscribers.

What is a ConversioBot?

ConversioBot is an AI-powered chatbot tool used by webmasters to boost their affiliate sales and attract subscribers online. All you need is to install this software to shoot up your deals and commissions. Simon wood and Imran S, the two successful internet entrepreneurs, created this artificial bot. This software is accessed by installing it on the site through a plugin or a code. While using this software, install the software chatbots on your desktop by including the plugin into the WordPress dashboard.

There are two main offers of ConversioBot, one is ConversioBot Lite offer, and the other is ConversioBot Pro offer. This artificial intelligence chatbot uplifts the affiliate commissions and helps in your email list growth on AUTOPILOT.

Objective of Chatbots

The good news is, it is not an expensive tool and does not take much time to accomplish your work. It is a low-cost chatbot and an attractive customer interaction platform to uplift leads and sales. The best aspect about it is that it provides 85% of customer interactions on the chatbot. These chatbots are digital agents that emulate and recognize human capacities through interpretation, filtering user proposals, and giving suitable answers to the consumers. Chatbots perform various interactive tasks and can complete about 60-90% of the workload with lots of tests and voices.

Who can use ConversioBot?

Well, a vast expanse of folks engaged in various sales activities, such as local commercial enterprise holders, writers, small company holders, associate marketers, eCommerce store owners, public housing marketers, and amateurs in various fields, can use this artificial intelligence-based tool.

How to use the ConversioBot?

You do not need much information or knowledge to use this AI-powered chatbot. The system is fascinating and straightforward and is extremely cheerful to users. You just need three-way action to run this software. Thereafter, you need to open the chat or software, then the main ConversioBot dashboard, which has a detailed variation of chatbot templates. It has templates under numerous sectors like associate, bargain, acknowledgment, lead creation, and public interests.

For every template, you can click the “Preview” button to test it. And, based on your needs, you can select your preferred chatbot design template. Subsequently, after selecting the chat design template, you are required to choose the Chatbot code line. Then copy the developed code on your website. 

Next, add each module inside your flowchart to customize it as location, information bubble, bot message, user message, theme, and bot layout. It has a “drag & drop” option, using which you can formulate a chatbot for your site within seconds. Likewise, you can also set up various setting elements such as a bot, widget, sound, email notification, autoresponder, and goal. 

Once done, you can publish your chatbot. When publishing your bot, such as the entire page bot, gadget bot, entrenched bot, WordPress plugin, there are options to determine. You need not bother much about the operation of this bot, as the commodity delivers a tape that will help you in each phase. To proceed with the process, follow the steps given below.

Step 1- You have to approve one of the Done-For-You AI Chat Templates.

Step 2- Tap to induce a chain of Chatbot code links.

Step 3- Ultimately, you must track and paste the sole link code onto your site’s top region.

What are the Features of ConversioBot?

With a myriad of features, the ConversioBot makes the user’s task very easy and enjoyable. You can build a chatbot super quickly.

  • It is an artificial intelligence-influenced software. As an outcome, it will help you to use the collected data from the consumer assistance interactions. Moreover, the chatbot builder enables the user to understand the functions and enhances the response over a period.
  • You can access Chatbot Templates – With the help of chatbots, the program creates commissions by conversing with the newcomers on your website. The moment they open your website page, it automatically begins the conversation. Additionally, it will save a lot of customer’s time by assisting them with an appropriate solution.
  • It provides simple customization. Using this software, users can skilfully customize their online site or blog. To do so, you need not have any professional skills. All you need is to click and finish by following the procedure mentioned at the beginning of this article.
  • It provides you with a commercial license. Yes, you heard it right!  The ConversioBot front-end offer provides you with a commercial license for the platform. Without much trouble, if you want a passive income in this domain, ConversioBot is one of the user-friendly options available for you. You can make a profit in dollars from various and numerous references related to digital marketing outlets.
  • Synonymous on all streams The platform can handle various online sites. Even if you are using an associate website, blog, online marketing site, online consultancy site, or any other website, ConversioBot functions well on all possible websites.
  • A phase-by-phase procedure is available with helpful videos to take you through the journey smoothly.  As an outcome, users have a notion of installing it, and you can professionally process it without much difficulty.
  • The team of customer assistance services is available 24/7 on this platform. ConversioBot possesses a highly skilled and experienced team accessible 24/7 to answer your inquiries about the product.
  • It is an easy-to-understand practical program for its users. Therefore, it will assist in enriching, boosting, and accessing your creation smoothly. You just need two interfaces to work on it: the “point and click” and “drag and drop”. For a person, even without any professional skills, these make the work easy.
  • It is helpful for a myriad variety of businesspeople such as retail people, public marketers, blog holders, associate marketers, e-commerce store holders, freelancers, new trainees, agents, etc. ConversioBot can bind users with various marketing tools, like MailChimp and Weber, to convert the visitors into leads.

Just like anything has their positives and negatives, so does this product too. They have a lot of pros and a few cons. Moving forward, let us have a look into those:


There are various advantages of using this artificial intelligence-induced software. Thus, in this section, we shall learn about the product’s benefits. 

  • It assists the users in boosting their sales and affiliate commissions.
  • This software is a bundle of wonders as it is cost-effective, user-friendly, and so on.
  • It provides broad compatibility since it contains google analytics.
  • It has a formulated outlay that helps to gather lists to achieve profit rapidly.
  • Moreover, you can set the platform for use within 60 seconds as the entire system OTO templates are accessible on the cloud.
  • This program offers the user a commercial license; therefore, website owners can get adapted layouts to get leads from numerous spheres according to their preferences. 
  • This product includes a suite of tapes that gives step-by-step videos as virtual training manuals.
  • The training videos make it simpler for you to install and operate it skilfully. 
  • This AI tool has 30 days money-back return policy if in case of a complaint.
  • The front-end offer of ConversioBot offers a commercial license to safeguard the user.
  • You can use ConversioBot without any threat, but with caution and fundamental knowledge of RTB, you can grasp how it works.
  • Using its technology, it can deal with about 80% of consumer interactions.


So far, we have discussed the product’s pros; let us detail some cons of the ConversioBot Software. However, these cons do not affect the efficiency and quality of the product. But as a user, you must be aware of both sides of a coin. To get more commissions and leads, you should realize that it never comes for free.

  • The additional update edition of this software is not free.
  • The users need to buy a new pro edition to get the desired results of profitable sales. 
  • Presently, the AI-powered software gives only ten free templates.
  • You can only use one account at a time from each commercial software it holds. 
  • The crucial drawback of ConversioBot is that the consumer assistance squad could often seize 48 hours to acknowledge their consumers.

Where Can I Buy ConversioBot?

To avoid trouble, you must purchase the product from their official website, or jvzoo

The official website provides lots of discounts, bonuses, and rewards on purchasing. Another intriguing aspect about this product is that you have to make only a one-time purchase, and it does not require any monthly subscription expenses. If there is any update or up-gradation in the product, the ConversioBot members will receive them without any delay. However, not all sorts of payments are approved; only cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and master express credit cards are accepted.

We are well acquainted with the features, pros, and cons of the product; moving forward, let us look at the reasons to give this product a try.

Why should you try this software for your business?

ConversioBot is a super boon available to various online users to boost and increase leads and commissions. It is an AI-powered tool to give a gentle income to those who want a hefty lump of money. Well, you must try out this software as it is error-free with very few cons in its back.

This software deserves your investment to attract as many leads and commissions for your affiliates. It is amateur-friendly, user-friendly, cost-friendly software, and so on. To put it to work, you need to paste the single link code on your website to operate the chatbot.


Let us wrap up our article with a final thought about the product. If you wish to get relief from numerous troubles for your business or anything for your website affiliate commission, you should contemplate using an AI Chatbot. Chatbots are a highly cost-effective beneficial tool available for a variety of users. There is no doubt that ConversioBot is the best product for you as it provides an incredible chatbot for your website. As an outcome, it offers a different strategy to deal with the obstacles of getting the website leads and commissions. 

Moreover, this AI Chatbot software permits you to navigate for commissions and gain sales incredibly well. It will facilitate the user to generate traffic. Also, it assists you in creating a fortune by restoring website visitors into possible consumers. It has even made it possible to avoid email marketing to generate leads and commissions. In the cyber era, the product has earned a grade of 4 out of 5 ratings.  

Hurry and start generating lots of Leads!

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