Stock Media Blowout Review

Stock Media Blowout Review: Scam or not? This is an in-depth review of Stock Media Blowout, based on my own experience with it. I will cover whether this is a scam or not, what’s being offered, customer service quality, and price. And I will conclude by giving my own final opinion. I will also update this review along the way, so you can see if there are any major changes.

I don’t want to waste time and just go straight into the meat of it:

What is Stock Media Blowout?

Stock Media Blowout is a website where you can download stock photos, vector images, HD videos, and music tracks. Most of them are free, but you can buy premium stuff if you want.

It is a website that launched in April 2016 and it claims to be the biggest stock media library online with over 60 million files. All of these resources don’t cost you even a single penny (unless you decide to go for the premium license). And since they’re available on-demand, you won’t need any external tools or software to use them!

Features & BeneFits

  • AUDIO FILES LIBRARY: Stock Media Blowout is a collection of more than 3000 high-quality audio files that comprise full-length music tracks, music loops, ambience tracks, intros, outros and sound effects.
  • NO THUMBNAIL PREVIEWS: Your pictures won’t have any thumbnail preview when downloaded. This feature is useful for photographers who don’t want their image being used by someone else without them knowing about it. You can always display the full-size picture if you need to see what it looks like.
  • FREE STOCK IMAGES & VECTORS LIBRARY:  Stock Media Blowout claims to have over 60 million HD stock images and vector graphics files, which would be enough for all your needs (and probably much more). These resources come with various topics such as business, technology, lifestyle, nature and many others. The free part means that you can download all of these resources and use them on personal and commercial projects without any additional costs.
  • FREE HD VIDEOS: There is a healthy collection of HD videos that we can download from the Stock Media Blowout library. Everything from motion graphics, time-lapses, vintage videos, stock footage, etc are offered at Stock Media Blowout for free! You can also check out their premium section if you’re looking to buy high-quality clips.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT & DOWNLOAD SPEEDS: I’m not sure whether the customer service team is available 24/7 because I have never contacted them before. But I know that they respond quite fast when it comes to questions posted in their forum. And the downloading speed is good too… at least for the free stuff. However, if you go for premium items then you can expect slower download speeds since they are offered on demand basis.
  • VIDEO FILES LIBRARY: There are a number of categories in the video files library in Stock Media Blowout where you can find all types of videos with a high resolution. You get features like slow motion, fast motion, time lapse and real footage videos.
  • IMAGE GALLERY: When it comes to image gallery, this is one area which makes Stock Media Blowout stand out among its competitors. They have more than 100 different categories under images, so you get everything from food to cars to people and animals etc.

How Does it works?

  • It is quite simple really. You’ll need an account on Stock Media Blowout for this, which you can easily create by clicking the “sign up” button.
  • After signing up, you will be forwarded to your homepage where everything is clearly displayed.
  • By default, they have chosen the Music Library for us (which means that we don’t need to select anything else).
  • So simply choose whichever category or subject you like and start browsing through it (The music library has numerous sub-categories, all of them are about music files so it makes sense).
  • Clicking the image/video thumbnail will show more details about it along with download options including free vs paid versions of it.
  • And if you want to buy premium stuffs, you can easily do so by clicking the “Order Now” button…

Once you’ve obtained your premium file (or files), there is no limit to what you can do with it. If you’re using any software that works with audio files, then simply drag and drop the mp3 files into it. If you’re using some video editing software (like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie) then simply drag and drop the video file into it. It’s that simple!

Why you should use Stock Media Blowout?

There are lots of reasons for that. It is a completely free resource, so you don’t need to spend anything on it! They also offer high-resolution and high-quality files on this site, which means they don’t disappoint in terms of quality.

Your pictures won’t have any thumbnail preview when downloaded… this feature is useful for photographers who don’t want their image being used by someone else without them knowing about it.

You can always display the full-size picture if you need to see what it looks like (applies mostly to images). If we talk numbers, then we get 60 million stock media files and 36000 new ones added each month – that’s enough resources for all your needs (and probably much more).

There are no subscription fees, hidden charges, or any other costs. You can use their service for as long as you want without having to pay anything extra.

Who Can Use the Stock Media Blowout?

Everyone can use this. All you need to do is join their free membership program for free, and then start downloading the files you want without paying anything extra. It works on all operating systems including Android-based devices! You can either download individual files or even go for the premium ones if that’s your requirement. Get in touch with them through email/chat if you’re having trouble.

Final Words

On the whole, Stock Media Blowout is one of the best stock media files websites around. They offer high-quality images and videos at no cost which you can use in your projects without worrying about copyright concerns or license issues. And if for any reason you need to buy something, then it’s all possible using their quick purchase system.

So if you’re thinking about starting a website like this, check them out! I’m sure they don’t disappoint (I haven’t tried every single stock photo site on the web yet!). Even better, they’ve got their own blog where they post tutorials to help new users get familiar with the site’s interface…so that’s another bonus point for them!


How will I receive my order?

After your order has been processed an email with the login instruction will be automatically sent to your email, please check your email for the login instruction on how to access your ordered products.

How do I cancel an order?

If you want to cancel the order after it has been placed, please send us an email with your order number and we will manually cancel it for you.

Can I use this site for my business?

No. Stock Media Blowout is not the best resource for the commercial projects due to our watermark policy. It is recommended that you get in touch directly if you are doing a commercial project so that we can find the right plan for your needs.

Can I download files more than once?

Yes of course! You can download the same file multiple times without any extra cost, however, there may be bandwidth limitations on the shared hosting servers so it is advised to download large files on desktop or laptop instead.

What image formats can I download?

You can download any image format on our site, but it is recommended to use JPEG or PNG for picture images and MP3 or WAV for music files.

How do I know if an order has been processed successfully?

If your order status changes to “processed” then it means that your order has been successfully completed.

What payment options are available?

We accept Visa/Mastercard credit cards, Skrill (Moneybookers), and Bitcoin cryptocurrency transactions.

Is there a limit to how many files I can download per month?

There is no limit to the number of stock media files you can download per month, however, we do have bandwidth limitations on the shared hosting server so it might take time for some of the

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