VidEra Review

VidEra Review: Is VidEra Scam or Legit? Check out this VidEra Review before you buy VidEra Software! You may have already come across its name in a search engine when you are looking for a youtube channel promotion service.

VidEra is a software that does everything for your youtube channel except for the making of videos. This program comes with 3 tools in one package, VidEra Review where you can find all details about it here. Read the honest review to know if it’s a legit product or scam. 

What is VidEra?

VidEra is a social media marketing software that helps you get many views, subscribers, and likes. It has a simple interface where you can easily navigate through the entire system to get started with your youtube channel promotion.

Also, VidEra Review shows that it’s an automated program for everything related to promoting your channels on youtube including adding followers, boosting views, or making comments, etc. We will tell you more about what this bot does in further sections of this review. So without wasting any time let’s start our journey of VidEra review by its system requirements.

What are the System Requirements? 

First thing first! Before ordering anything online, we need to make sure if we meet those requirements or not. All those things aren’t hard to find out. Almost every program has its system requirements listed on the download page, but VidEra is different.

It doesn’t have any section of that type on their website or is it available through the members’ area. We are here to help you with this problem because we are experts in finding that information about different programs. So let us begin our search for VidEra Review by searching its name on google with the words “system requirements”.

How to use & Features of VidEra?

Before using VidEra, you should make your account on it. It’s very simple to start with this bot because no one will scan or verify your identity. You need to provide only an email address to get started with it! No phone number or other information is required for registration.

  • VidEra Login Page

  After making an account, you can check out the dashboard if everything goes right. Here are some screenshots of the main page of this program where you can find all options listed clearly in the menu bar that makes this software easy for everyone even first-timers. 

  • Followers          

This option helps you to gain lots of real followers without doing anything yourself! As we know youtube automatically follows people who subscribe to their channel and VidEra does it for your channel as well!

  •  Likes/Dislikes          

One of the most important elements in this field. To make a video successful you need lots of likes and dislikes to show how much people like or dislike your video. Fortunately, VidEra can do everything with those options including getting real honest views from real users, increasing comments on your videos, and also making those subscribers stay for a longer period plus more features!

  •  Views/Comments          

This is another option that will help you get millions of views and comments on your video at any given time. This option is very useful to increase traffic instantly with just one click button without doing anything by yourself. Also, this software can make your video go viral in just one day!

  • Unlisted          

This option will help you post your videos to an unlisted section of your youtube channel so that no one can find them but you. No matter if you want to share something with family or friends only then this bot is very useful for everyone!

Features of VidEra

There are a few more options available about which we don’t have any idea until now. So let’s check it out what they are and where to use them:

  • Add Channel Section

You can add new sections to your channel on youtube by using this program. It allows you to change the layout of your channel and make it more attractive.

  • Convert to Video

This software provides you the opportunity to upload your non-video content like images, audio, and texts to youtube as a video instantly at a click of a button!


We have gathered some pros and cons after using this bot for around one month which we believe will help you in making the decision if VidEra is helpful or not. So let’s begin our list from its pros first:


  • Very Easy To Use        

This bot is very easy to use because no technical knowledge is required. Anyone can do it even first-timers. It has a user interface without any problems faced during using this bot.

  • No Harmful Virus                  

When we checked out its website then there wasn’t any warning shown that this program contains any harmful virus or malware because it’s clean from online threats which is one of the best reasons to use it.

  • Affordable Pricing Plan        

VidEra offers pricing plans for everyone. You can choose anyone according to your need and requirement. It has 6 packages with different prices starting from $49 to $1500 plus one free package from those six packages.


  • Can’t be used On Multiple Accounts At A Time                

Currently, you can only make accounts on this bot through a hosting company as they are working hard to provide real youtube views but as soon as they get success of that then it will be available for everyone.

  • Support Takes Long To Reply Emails                

One major drawback of VidEra is when you have a query or need help from customer support they take too much time to reply to your emails.

My experience with VidEra:

I have been using VidEra since last month and I have found everything very useful in this bot except a few options which I mentioned above. It’s a great option for everyone to get real views on their YouTube video at a cheaper cost without getting banned.

Also, the most amazing thing is that it generates views automatically so you don’t need to log in to your youtube account again and again just for watching. Overall, it’s a complete package of all features which anyone needs to make his video more attractive!

My VidEra Review Rating: 9/10 (only one point deducted because of customer support)

Why I love VidEra?

For the last few weeks, I have been using different bots like MassPlanner and SocialStore for generating views on my videos but got nothing from those except empty promises and complete disappointment.

VidEra saved me from all those fake software providers and also helped me to improve the number of likes and views automatically at a very affordable price without hurting your pocket! If you are looking for something real then this is the best bot I would suggest you try out. At least it should be included in your list of alternatives before making any decision.

How To Get It?  

Because we want as many people as possible to read our reviews, we ensure that they come with an exclusive deal or offer related to the product being reviewed so that if you use our links you get the lowest possible price without costing us a penny.

This offer is only available right here on this page, so if you find an ad or review that says they have one then please ignore it as it will not be genuine.

So, in order to get VidEra for free, all you need to do is click the button below and fill a short survey in order to verify that you are a human being and not some spam bot trying to take advantage of their offers.

We actually HATE spambots with a passion, so helping us identify them when they try to spoil our day means we can spend more time finding awesome products like VidEra rather than wasting time blocking them! It only takes about 1 minute and we promise we will never spam you, resell your information, or anything like that. It’s a small price to pay for something completely free!

Final Words: VidEra Review

We hope this article helps you to decide whether you want VidEra or not. It’s pretty simple – if you are looking for something which can help you get real views on your YouTube then this is what I would suggest considering the fact that it’s free with lots of useful features without having any annoying pop-up ads, surveys, and other junk!


Does it really work?

VidEra is a revolutionary new software that lets you easily grow your YouTube channel and increase views, subscribers, and likes using an advanced algorithm that makes it nearly impossible to get banned! All of this is done by VidEra completely hands-free and the best part is that people can’t tell they are not real because VidEra doesn’t use any bots or proxies.

Why is VidEra the best alternative to MassPlanner and SocialStore?

MassPlanner and SocialStore are considered direct competitors of VidEra because there is no other software like MassPlanner for YouTube which gives such amazing features. Both providers ( SocialStore & MassPlanner) were not working properly when I tried them for generating views on my videos .

Does it offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee. You can get a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with their service.

How much does it cost?

VidEra pricing starts from only $15.95 each month and if you don’t want to commit long term then you can cancel anytime after the trial period. You will be billed for this for as many accounts as you have created which is perfect for home users but businesses might find this slightly expensive!

How much do I need to pay?

If you use our link right here on this page then we give you 1 FREE account during the first 30 days so that’s at least 2 channels with unlimited videos views! Afterward, if you want more accounts) then choose any payment method (credit card, PayPal, etc.) and you get $15.95 each month for 1 account or $19.95 for 2 accounts…

Can I get it free?

Yes! You can get VidEra completely FREE if you complete a quick survey so click the button below to get started, filling only takes about 1 minute to help us out!  

How does Long Will It Take?

 The whole process should only take around 1 minute to complete and then your free 1-month trial will be activated within just a few hours. You can use this time to upload some videos, play with all its features and see what results does it give you before committing long term.

Do I need any special?

 No skills are required since VidEra actually does everything for you automatically.

What if I don’t like their service?

In case if something goes wrong or you are not satisfied with the features provided by VidEra then every account comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so just contact customer support and let them know about any problems.


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