What is Search Advertising and What Makes It The Best?

Search advertising is the most effective form of advertisement. In fact, search ads are one of the most common forms of advertisements on the internet. In this blog post, we will explore how search advertising works and why it is so successful in generating leads and conversions for businesses.

What are Search Ads?

Paid search advertising is a technique where ads are shown whenever someone searches for the services or products offered by the advertiser. This way, there will be perfect matches between each query and the advertisement displayed. For search advertising, these ads are shown on a search engine results page (SERP) and are typically marked by the label “Sponsored.” In fact, sponsored search ads comprise about 80% of Google’s search ad revenue.

This video from the Google Ads youtube channel explains the basics of Search Ads

Why PPC Search Advertising is better than any other advertising?

Paid Search Advertising stands out from other forms of advertising because it is more targeted and measurable. With search ads, you can target audiences by region (country, city, or state), demographics (age group, gender), and most important is you use the exact keywords or phrases the user is searching for. Mostly the search traffic is categorized as the “Hot Audience”. You can also measure the success of your campaign based on clicks to see which keywords are driving traffic to their websites and cut the other keywords which are not performing or use negative keywords to better optimize your campaign’s performance.

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Who offers Search Ads?

The search engine landscape is dominated by Google with over 88% market share in the US and 92% globally, which is a huge market share. However, Bing Ads also garners roughly 6% of the searches in America but only 2.7% globally. Yahoo is also in the race but holds only a 3% market share in the US according to StatCounter GlobalStats Reports. All the platforms show ads on top of organic results; you’re charged per click as opposed to pay-per-impression advertising with Facebook or Twitter marketing campaigns.

How does it work?

How search advertising works is actually quite simple. The advertiser will bid on the search terms they want to be displayed with and then pay whenever someone clicks their ads. These search terms are usually keywords related to the business or services offered by the company like “Boston marketing,” “SEO firm in Boston,” or “marketing consulting service.”

Your CPC bid plays an important role in getting you the top spot on the SERP along with an ad quality score. It can also depend on how much you’re willing to spend each month on your campaign as well as what language that person speaks (not all search engines have multilingual capabilities). There would be an auction for the ad space between you and the competitor. The one with the highest CPC bid and higher quality score will get the top rank.

It may sound complicated but it is actually simpler than you think! While there are many technicalities such as account set-up, reporting tools, and keyword planning; but once you start you will understand the working pretty easily.

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Google Ad Rank Calculation

In the search engines, just like in life, you get out what you put in. So make sure to check your quality score and ad rank regularly so that they will stay high! This way, it will help us gain the best spot on SERP hence maximize your search ads ROI (return on investment) while giving more value to our target audience.

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is a measure by Google of how relevant its ads are for a specific search query as well as an estimate of the keyword’s ability to drive online sales or leads at Google-defined thresholds. A higher Quality Score means lower CPCs

How to Improve Quality Score?

There are two ways to improve your search advertising quality score, one is by improving the relevance of keywords and ad copy. Another way is by increasing conversion rates as Google evaluates this factor when it calculates the search ad performance. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes; figure out what they’re really looking for and make sure that you reach them with a targeted search campaign!

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How do search ads perform vs other forms of ads like Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are also great, People do use Facebook ads for lead generation as well as e-commerce, etc. and Twitter ads for retweets, traffic and reach. They get good results too but by analyzing the quality of leads and rate of conversion we found search ads to be the best out of all. Search Advertising is the classic form of internet advertising.

Search engines give advertisers a unique opportunity to reach their target audiences when they’re actually looking for something – this is why PPC Search Ads can have higher conversion rates than social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.


Let’s conclude this blog post with the conclusion that Search Advertising or PPC ads are the proper intent-based advertising solution that is best for any business. Try search ads & you’ll never look back! Our comment box is always open for discussion, so shoot your questions or write your feedback about this post.


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